Web Application Development

We convert your business plans into an efficient customized web application


DK WEB IT expands its custom-made website application results via which business actions are reconstituted; operating costs are preserved; organized methods progressed and the customers are highly fulfilled. There’s an integration of our web apps along with expertise proficiency and core concept technologies. We at DK WEB IT operate the following expansive stages such as PHP, .Net (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), web servers (Apache, MS IIS) and databases (MySQL and SQL server).


Futuristic Technology with Superior Productivity


The web applications are advanced by our PHP and .Net programmers in order to modify the business practice execution, handle good content, operate ecommerce and engage in online communication. These applications are formed making use of sharp-edged easily usable technologies which craft it suitably to direct your business procedures, credentials and progress of work properly. We assure you that the method of website app expansion includes a user-friendly creativity for which the experience and the proficiency of your staff are adjusted rightly. We provide unique results which assist in perfect businesses for excellent competition in the worldwide market. We propose advanced productivity boosting your toughest business ideas and thoughts.




A productive web application comprises the ability to increase the benefits of your businesses by lessening the time-period that goes only on the work assignments. Your employees are permitted to concentrate on distinct significant assignments. We at DK WEB IT comprehend your business needs and execute our website app expansion method hence achieving fruitful results. The web apps that we evolve certainly serve the companies by giving favorable time for their respective staffs in order to increase the output.


Customized Website Application Solutions


DK WEB IT having creative employees being experts in application expansion is given proper training so that they can manage every task in an efficient way so that they can integrate the thoughts of clients into the method of website application development. As per the needs of the clients, each web application is designed in order to assist them gain the perfect results in the stated resources. It is in the hands of our technical team to modify your plans into a successful web application which turns out to be an integration of our technical proficiency and business sphere of information.


Our Procedure


Our web application expansion procedure is clear and produces effective work:


Step 1

Requisite valuation

Our evaluation on the application basics begins by communicating with our clients so that we can be familiar with their necessities. We offer specialized assistance to them so that their enigmatic thoughts can be modernized and consumed in an accurate method.

Step 2

Requisite identifications

When the necessities are evaluated by us thoroughly, the features and the conditions for the application are jotted down so that they can be well comprehended and polished appropriately.

Step 3

Application planning

Keeping in mind the clients’ necessities, our programmers evolve a theoretical draft.

Step 4


Coming to this step, the design is transformed into codes which are composed, executed and sustained rightly. This code may be a reformation of remaining sources or it may be fully the updated one.

Step 5


The web application procedure is quite complicated and can come across significant obstacles in the field of execution if correct experimenting is not conducted. Via technical analysis we manage to carry the experimenting procedure so that valuable subjects are evaluated concerning the product.

Step 6


In the final step our developers support and increase the application in order to deal with existing difficulties and latest necessities.


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