Website Maintenance

Websites require a good support

Every website should be looked after properly so that it works in a stable way and give you services as you want. Regular updates have to be made on few sites whereas some require periodic support system.


Safeguarding the website comprises of doing editing in between, amending or altering the current web pages so that your site will be updated on daily basis. This also involves cyclic addition of new web pages.


The listing of websites by search engines keep on rotating and altering continuously. Therefore if you do not follow these new rules and forget to update by yourself, your website is bound to go missing in the listing sessions. People will surely make a regular visit to your website when you bring forward some new exciting fresh materials to it.


DK WEB IT gives the best services in sustaining of websites

We interact with every client of ours and know their requirements, and try to sustain their website in a proper method.


You do not require employing full-time web designers or website content programmers or there is of course no requirement of giving special instruction to your staffs regarding sustaining websites properly. Your costs will lessen if you come to DK WEB IT for our services in maintaining your websites finely.


We see to it that the client does not take any stress for their website maintenance and neither in content management because we assist in achieving these services with our experiences and capabilities which will always give the client an upper hand.


DK WEB IT’s Website Maintenance services includes-

You have to bring in fresh contents every day. You should edit them perfectly with attractive visuals and suitable links, and also keep it updated regularly. Many of the maintenance work comprises of the below mentioned lists:


  • Continuous adding and bringing variations in website content.
  • Adding and managing creative images (whether given by clients or searched from Google).
  • Updating regular emails and newsletters.
  • Updating of shopping car products.
  • Making new announcements or publishing necessary articles etc.
  • Changing graphics and pictures.
  • Inserting or taking out pages.
  • Formation of PDF and new uploads.


Sustaining and handling your website: We keep a close eye on whatever is going on your website and continue to come with new materials so that the presentation of your site will progress ahead with quicker downloading and it will have a wider reach.


Safeguard your website Daily updates have to be done in server side programs utilized to figure the database execution, processing, findings and display operations, shopping carts and many more. By these updates repairs can be carried out and websites will remain secure. We at DK WEB IT can handle easily the ASP, PHP and Perl Codes for every form of web apps.


Re-arrange the contents on your website: We at DK WEB IT assist our clients to re-arrange the contents on their websites and also excellent navigation towards your site for expansion in business. We also look to see on the approach statistics including the number of users your site has come across, and what are they interested to know more about your site.


DK WEB IT has a few choices for maintaining your website rightly:

Charging of price per hour: This will be suitable for you when you don’t opt for doing too much alteration. You might go for usual contact alteration.


Acquire a monthly or yearly maintenance pack: You can make small updates to the present pages by obtaining a monthly or yearly maintenance package. You can maintain a professional content execution if you regularly modify your site including inserting fresh news, articles, proposals etc.


You can increase your content execution the way in which the new and untrained users can also write and update the articles themselves without having any problem to them.

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